Website Marketing

A well designed, informative, useful website will not ensure that you will get more customers. They have to find the website first. Website Marketing includes a variety of techniques used to drive more customers to your website and keep them coming back, but the cornerstone of Website Marketing is Site Engine Optimization.

Site Engine Optimization

Site Engine Optimization is the process of improving the volume or quality or traffic to a web site from search engines. Incus Web Works provides consultation and designs unique programs to ensure success. The process includes comprehensive research of keywords and keyphrases, altering site code and content to optimize your site for those phrases, and the search engine submittal process. Additionally, Incus Web Works tracks the position of your site for the targeted keywords and gives you a monthly report on its position along with recommendations for potential changes or improvements based on your goals.

Complete Marketing Packages

In a broader sense, Website Marketing can include SEO, paid placement, blogging, social networking via Facebook and Twitter, plus other ways to maintain contact with your customers and make new ones. To ensure that they are effective, good internet marketing campaigns need to be highly tailored to the businesses for which they are designed. Incus Web Works provides a free internet marketing analysis to explain internet marketing in more detail and to explore whether your business could benefit from it.

Benefits of a Site Engine Optimization (SEO) Program:
  • Analyze your local search traffic to drive site customers into your local stores.
  • Develop your SEO strategy concurrently with your website development project.
  • Researche your specific industry and competition thoroughly.
  • Focuse on keyword density throughout the site.
  • Provide website administrators the ability to add unique keywords for each page.
  • Provide on-going analysis, adjusting to the changes in the local search market.
  • Provide monthly reports on ranking status from each major search engine.
Incus Web Works uses only White Hat (ethical) techniques. No tricks, just hard work.

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