Victrola Coffee Roasters

Victrola Coffee Roasters needed a website to communicate the high quality of their coffee and the comfortable, homey feel of their Cafes. Additionally, they needed a content management system to promote events held at their cafes, to describe their coffees and to provide colorful bios for their staff. They needed e-commerce to sell their coffees and accessories, and online marketing to promote their website. Incus Web Works provided a custom-designed website with a custom-built content management system, integrated a 3rd party e-commerce module, and search engine optimization that increased their search engine rankings and their bottom line. Incus provides hosting and ongoing maintenance to keep the website's systems up to date and to add features as needed by Victrola Coffee.

David Hlavsa, Author

David Hlavsa, author, playwrite and teacher, needed a website to promote his manuscript, An Actor Reherses. Incus Web Works designed his site and built it around a very easy-to-use custom content management system. Incus also hosts the site and makes changes as requested by David.

South Park Businss Association

Incus Web Works designed and built this website for the South Park Business Association, a non-profit organization of local Seattle businesses. The custom-built content managemnt system includes multiple admin accounts with different tiers of editing privileges, page editing, user accounts, multi-level business directory, event schedule, announcements, file share, and more.

Hartz Blog

On a tight timeline, Incus Web Works coded this blog website as a subcontract to Banyan Branch for the Hartz Mountain Company. It's built using Wordpress, including a custom template, added modules for Facebook/Twitter integration, and featured/most popular articles.

The Northwest Choirs

The Northwest Choirs needed a site that could be very flexible, but could also be updated by internal staff with a minimum of web and design skill. Incus Web Works produced a custom-built system including a content management system that provided the content flexibility they needed while maintaining the design and layout integrity of the original design. The website also includes custom e-commerce, event scheduling and ticketing; also password-protected access to schedules, alerts and a file share for choir members. Incus Web Works provides hosting and ongoing maintenance as needed for The Northwest Choirs site.

Doris Homer Real Estate

Doris Homer Real Estate, a boutique real estate company in Prout's Neck, Maine, needed a website to showcase their rental and sales properties. They wanted a clean, elegant, professional design that would reflect their serene seaside location, and an easy-to-use content management system so that non-technical staff could readily make updates. Incus Web Works designed and built their website with a custom content management system to meet their needs. Incus hosts and maintains thier site.

Lisa Holtby

Lisa Holtby wanted to showcase her yoga classes and intensives with a design that would communicate the friendly, open, yet rigorous way that she approaches teaching. Incus Web Works created a design that would showcase the photographs that she had available and provide potential students with easy access to pertinent information about her classes and practice. Incus Web Works keeps her site up to date. Lisa simply emails the changes she needs and they're implemented within the timeframe she requires.

Women's Business Exchange

Incus Web Works designed, built and maintains this website and custom content management system for the Women's Business Exchange, a non-profit women's business organization in Seattle. The site was built on a tight budget, yet features a CMS with page editing, member directory and integrated mailing list with bulk emailer, schedule of events, announcements, system for sponsor promotion, Paypal e-commerce for event ticketing, multiple admin logins with different privileges and much more. Incus hosts the site, assists with content updates and makes functional changes on request.

WP Sign Systems

Incus Web Works built this custom content management system and e-commerce website for WP Sign Systems, and updated it to integrate with WP's Exact MAX accounting system. Incus also included automated content translation powered by Google, built in customer account and catalog import/export features, and included storage of standing orders for customer accounts. Incus adds features and adapts the site as needed by WP.

Whidbey Coffee

Incus Web Works maintains this classic HTML website for Whidbey Coffee, making changes as requested.