About Incus Web Works

Incus Web Works was founded in Seattle in 2000. We continue to provide innovative technology and communication solutions to a wide range of clientele.


Whether you need a simple informational website or have a more complex web project that provides numerous benefits to both you and your clients, Incus Web Works has the knowledge and experience to work with all types of businesses, including service-based, retail- or product-based businesses, non-profit organizations and more.

Subcontracted Services

Incus Web Works also assists companies by providing subcontracted services in our areas of expertise. We provide website design, website and database development, website maintenance, website hosting and website marketing services to companies in advertising and media, ISP's, software development, and other web development companies. The quality of our work makes us sought-after by our fellow professionals, and we appreciate good teamwork.


Our team is comprised of experienced web designers, web developers, and a skilled project management group. Our senior staff each has more than 10 years' experience in their fields. This level of skill translates into reliability, a strong knowledge base and an effective force for our clients.